The Daily Prompt: Inside the Bubble

If I had to spend a month in quarantine, I would take a truckload of books and just read. That is one of the most favourite pass times for me. I enjoy reading thoroughly. This way, I get to go through the sky high pile of new books that I have and I don’t even have to get off the bed and work.

I would also write about my experiences of sitting in an isolated bubble. Considering no one will be allowed in there, it would be lonely. At times. But I’m not scared of it. I like my alone time. I’m not sure of a continuous 30 days of alone time though. But then again I don’t have much of a choice, do I?

If I’m allowed a camera, I would take that too and take pictures. Yes, I’m sure it’s a little weird. But I would like to take pictures of my progress in terms of my health just to know what I’ve managed to get through successfully. It’ll be a nice motivator for the future.

I would take all my craft ‘tools’. I like to quill, make new things, paint, draw, try my hand at sketching/doodling. Granted, I might not be all great at it, but hey, I have 30 days to get better. I would definitely use that time for it.

So if I spend a little more than a week for all of the above mentioned activities, a month will just whizz by.



2 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt: Inside the Bubble

    1. Haha… yes. I’d rather look on the bright side of things and use it as an opportunity. That way the 30 days would not sound so tedious. Much better than whining about it. It’ll just make those same 30 days incredibly longer.
      Welcome to my blog, KL Caley 🙂

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