The Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

When it comes to important decisions, I prefer sorting through the pros and cons. I think about the consequences and whether or not it’ll hurt the people in my life or whether it would even end up hurting me. I don’t mind taking a risk when it is just me alone to think about. I would live with the consequences and learn from it and grow. But when a decision made by me affects other aspects too then I rationalize it and ensure it is what I want to do. It was the same when it came to living.

Death terrified her

Life too gave her fear

Couldn’t choose either

Having undergone difficult times since I was a child, living did not appeal to me. Not at first. I was always tottering between wanting to die and being frightened of living. After a lot of pondering and soul searching and healing etc., I chose life.

Never regretted it for a second.

Of course, some decisions I take on the spot. For example, do I want extra chocolate sauce on that large scoop of vanilla ice cream or not? Hell, yeah! 😀

© NJ


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