No Doormat

Gone are the days where I silently tolerated each and every curve ball that people threw at me. Gone are the days where I was afraid of losing. Afraid of losing people. Afraid that someday I might be alone. That someday I would have nobody. I have learned to cherish my aloneness. Not to be confused with loneliness. For me, aloneness is an opportunity for me to enjoy myself. To enjoy my solitude, to do the things I love without any rules or regulations. To enjoy my own company and not worry about having no ME time.

They came to me and said things they would never

Say to others no matter how closer (they were)

They assumed it was ok to say or do anything

Coz they thought, “no matter what, she would never leave”

But they didn’t know me, the new me emerging

The one who had enough of all those painful hurting

They couldn’t just treat me like some doormat

And expect me to be silent and not ever react

I wanted them to know that just because I didn’t show

It didn’t mean they could do anything they’d like to

I have a heart and I have a soul too, you know

That hurts just like yours when something’s wrong

So my dear people don’t think I’m always there

Coz just when you want me I might just disappear

Take me for granted and do as you please

And someday you’ll see just what you’ve done to me




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