The Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

Apple Muffins... baked this morning.
Apple Muffins… baked this morning.

“I’ll have a salad with a mug of green tea and a fruit bowl, please.”

“I’ll have a large ice tea with a small pizza to go, please.”

“I want that large piece of gooey chocolate cake with a large cup of coffee, please.”

And so on it goes…

“Here you are, ma’am”, says the nice man at the counter, handing his customers a few pills on a tiny plate every time. Each one swallows his/her ‘food’ with a glass of water and there you are! They are done with breakfast or lunch or dinner or whatever you want to call it.

Ummm, yeah, no thank you.

I’d rather cook. The whole peeling, dicing, chopping, blending, stirring, adding spices etc. gives eating a whole new meaning. I’d rather bake. The whole process of mixing the dough and scooping it into a tin and licking off the rest and waiting in anticipation while the aroma of a freshly baked muffin or bread wafts into your nose and gives your brain an instant kick of the happy hormones. And let’s face it… it’s also super fun!

Unless you absolutely hate cooking and cannot stand the thought of all that kitchen work. But really! A pill? Bleargh!

The thought itself sends shivers down my spine. Just imagine trying to whip up a drool-worthy chocolate cake with lots of frosting and when you do, it looks amazing!! Then you go and substitute all that gooey heaven for a pill. A pill that might have all the rich chocolate goodness, all the frosting, all that chocolate heaven but it looks like a regular old boring pill.

Yaaawwwwwnnn! Thanks but no thanks.

*imagines the muffins she just baked in the morning as plain looking pills* Oh! The horror!
*imagines the muffins she just baked in the morning as plain looking pills* Oh! The horror!


Pill image courtesy:- Paul/



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