The Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

Getting a day to yourself with no duties or obligations or ‘to-do’ lists haunting you etc. is like travelling across the globe in a minute. Impossible. But hey, you never know. Someday you might get lucky. In the meantime, there’s always dreamland. So if I had a day like that to myself, these are the things that I would do:-

I would wake up to the sunrise, go for a short walk in that pre-rush hour silence, enjoy a steaming mug of green tea on returning home and watch the blue sky and the fluffy clouds go by. I would even ditch cooking for that day. Or at least for the morning. There are loads of cafes around where one can just sit for hours together. So I would hop over to one of those cafes, order some pancakes or waffles for breakfast, enjoy my ME time and savour every minute.

Post breakfast and back at home, I’d bake. It could be anything. A cake, some cupcakes or muffins, maybe a pie or even lunch! It is one of my year’s goals after all. *wink, wink*

Post noon, I would just curl up in my favourite spot and read. It’s been ages since I’ve picked up a new book to read. I’ve been re-reading my books for a month now! So yeah, my afternoon would be completely devoted to reading.

In the evening, I would go for a long walk. No particular spot but somewhere green and free and calm. Somewhere where I don’t have to be worried about getting run over or trampled on or hit by a bike or getting in the way of people who are in a hurry. A long, invigorating walk at first to get the heart pumping and then relaxing to some meditation at sunset and just whiling away time watching it. I’ve always found sunrises and sunsets immensely soothing. Living in a city, I don’t often get to see a lot of stars but I do get to see the moon. Something is always better than nothing, right?

Late evening (by that I mean 7pm to 8pm), I’d probably put on some happy and cheerful music and sing or dance along to it while I wait for reality to kick in and get right back to organising the next day’s agenda.

Hitting the bed early is pretty much the end of a calm, relaxing, peaceful and totally ME day.



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