The Daily Prompt: Helpless

In my ‘previous’ life, I was a totally different person. I say ‘previous’ referring to the kind of person I was before I turned 30. Post 30,  I have been on a life mission to change myself into this whole new person (you can read about it here, if you like). I’m still working on it and will be till my last breath. But during all those growing up pre-teens, teenage years etc., well, life was exhausting. I felt handicapped. I felt hopeless. I felt helpless. My way of escape was writing about my feelings. Good, bad, terrible, OMG, what the hell did I write?! kinda stuff. It didn’t matter. THAT was my let out. This is one of the poems that I wrote. It kinda sorta fit the prompt so here goes:

Journey of Positivity

My journey’s going to be a beginning of sorts

Where I learn to control my mind and thoughts

Where I learn to not let anyone

Take advantage of me and have their fun

If they do, they better run

Coz this time I’ll not just sit and nod

I will not take it silently

Instead I’ll give it back furiously

If they feel I’m being unfair

Well, think a moment on how I had felt

Ah! You see it’s not a good feeling

And that’s exactly why I’m making you see it

I will not cry about the past

Coz it’s no use, it is all done

But I’ll try my best for a happy present

This’ll give my future a past to reminisce

I hope the plans I have in mind

Will be fulfilled and I come back alive

Alive and kicking in my new found life

The life I’m hoping to live till I die



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