The Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

Baking for me is utterly relaxing, calming and it soothes my frayed nerves ever so often. It helps bring down any frustrations that linger on in my crazy, maniacal head and I am transported into a happy, cheery, and full of smiles land.

Especially now, since it’s the monsoon season and it is a pain to step out when you want some peace and quiet and are instead met with incessant honking, sludge, grim and dirt. I am not surrounded by pretty greenery and soothing views until and unless I actually go to that specific place.

Usually when I’m stuck in the house for whatever reasons, my best course of action to lessen my sour mood is to read. But sometimes what I really crave for is ACTION, i.e. actually physically doing something. I can’t really jog or run around the house… so I bake. And it has been one of my goals or resolutions or whatever you want to call it for this year… to bake. LOTS.

So, I’ve been on a baking spree ever since the year started. I’ve also been experimenting with it by tweaking recipes and substituting ingredients to see how they turn out. Apart from the cakes and cupcakes and basically dessert kinds, I’ve been making my way into the world of bread too. So every week or weekend I would try and bake at least one item. It could be anything sweet or anything bread-like….but BAKE.

Last week’s goal was to bake a Whole Wheat Focaccia. Thanks to MerryTummy’s recipe, I was successful and it was a hit! I considered it a hit since my sister gobbled up the entire thing within a couple of days. Needless to say I baked it again but it tasted divine and I loved it.

Baked and Delicious Black Olive, Garlic and Herb Focaccia
Baked and Delicious Black Olive, Garlic and Herb Focaccia

I would still love to continue and explore even more of the baking world and I hope someday that I’m able to. Of course there are constraints in terms of space and time and even availability of certain ingredients but I think those can be overcome by just using various tools like the brain (to think of ways to deal with the restrictions) and the internet (the powerful tool to find information).



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