The Daily Prompt: Tattoo… You?


I’ve always loved kingfishers. They are one of the most colourful birds I have ever seen. I remember the first time I saw one. It was during a visit to a national park in Madhya Pradesh (India) called Bandhavgarh (read about it here). We were there to actually watch the solar eclipse. A few extra days there to visit the park were an added bonus.

During one of the trips inside the forest, we stopped near a small lake hoping to sight some birds or tigers stopping by for a sip of water. Whilst waiting in the jeep, looking around at the view is when I saw the kingfisher.

That tiny little bird zipped in and out of the lake, with a fish in its mouth, even before we could blink or register that there was a bird hovering nearby. It went and perched on a little branch close by and that was my first ever sighting of a kingfisher. Ever since then, I have been fascinated by them. Their colourful bodies, their melodious calls, their amazing fishing skills… I googled to find out what a kingfisher signifies and I found a couple of sites that mentioned WARMTH, SUNSHINE, PROSPERITY, LOVE etc.

For me, that’s perfect. A little warmth, a little sunshine and a little love can go a long way in making anyone content and cheery. Even on a gloomy day, one look at a kingfisher and I’m all happy. And since most of the times, I get to see them during the monsoons; a bit of gloom is a way for me to hope to sight those beautiful birds (even though I hate the gloom).

So now, every time I’m on a vacation to a national park, I’m always on the lookout for kingfishers. I’m not a tattoo person (no needles and pain for me, thank you) but if I ever do get one (one of those temporary ones), it’d be of a kingfisher.



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