The Daily Prompt: Lucky Star


Well, well, well… Daily Post has granted me three wishes. That’s the best news I’ve heard today. People tend to dread Mondays. Now I know why! I never really dreaded it nor enjoyed it. For me, it was ‘one day at a time.’ Still is. But today has been one of those bad days that you just want it to get over as quickly as possible. Anyway, getting back to those miraculous wishes. Here goes…

My first wish: STRENGTH and PATIENCE

This year is about changing myself into a new person.  Finding the time to do the things I enjoy, to do the things I love, to spend time alone and explore and discover my talents. To mould and shape the talents that already exists in me. To focus more on myself: my emotional and physical health. But to do that, I need strength. I need patience. I need a constant reminder to not fall into that miserable hole again. Sometimes, it’s hard. It’s tiring. It’s exhausting. To wake up every day and focus on yourself and constantly remind yourself about your goals and ambitions and not slip up is not easy. Not for someone who has always had the other person as her sole focus. I can’t afford weakness anymore. So, yes, my first wish would be for a lot of strength and patience.


I enjoy writing poems and travel stories. I admit I don’t write that often these days. But thankfully Daily Post comes to my rescue in terms of writing something. But I am hoping that as I continue to write and hopefully get better at it, I get published. It could be a poem or a travel story or even maybe a photograph that I’ve taken. But someday, I’d like something that I’ve written to be published.

My third wish: A FANTASTIC OVEN

I love to bake. So far, I’ve been looking up recipes online or via recipe books and baking courtesy those delightful treats. But this year, I’ve been slowly experimenting. Taking it at a baby step level but nevertheless enjoying it. Someday, I hope to own a beautiful oven that makes baking even more fun!


Image courtesy:-  David Castillo Dominici/


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