The Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door


Mind Full Nature

As if on cue there’s a screeching sound

I look up and see that it’s five o’clock

I look out the window and search for the source

I find it on a wire securely perched

I smile to myself as I hear it screech

That beautiful tone in a wonderful beat

From far you see only a distant blob

Look close and you’ll see a wondrous colour

With a sleek long tail and a curvy beak

Its body covered with the wonder of green

It hops about on a long thin wire

With the sun in the background as if on fire

An hour or so it’s time to go

And all you see is a giant red ball

Whenever I look outside at this time

I see a perfect picture forming outside

The beautiful red glow of the setting sun

In the foreground is a parrot just sitting still

At times like these I close my eyes

And let nature fill my wandering mind



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