The Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?

Ah! There are so many talents that I wish I had. Don’t’ get me wrong, I’m good at quite a few things. But I wish I were GREAT at something, just ONE thing. It’s difficult for me to choose just one so I’m just going to jot down a few.

I wish I could SKETCH. I’m good at drawing. I mean, I can make a minion look like a minion or an elephant look like an elephant but I wish I could do much more. I wish I could just doodle without having to look at a particular picture to draw it out. I wish I could just sketch out a something right out of my imagination. I travel on holidays at least once a year and sometimes you come across these picture perfect sceneries and I’d wish that I could just sit there and sketch the whole thing out and in that way spend some time in all that natural beauty.

I wish I could SING. Really sing. I can carry a tune. To an extent. But I ain’t no Whitney Houston or say a Sarah Bareilles. I tend to often sing along to the songs that I listen to and I would love to be able to actually sing.

I wish I could DANCE. Okay, so this is something I can’t do. I would love to learn to dance. It’s such fun! It’s an amazing stress buster, it’s awesome in terms of keeping you fit and it’s thoroughly enjoyable. What’s there to lose??

I wish I could PLAY AN INSTRUMENT. I would love to play a keyboard or the guitar or heck, even the drums! I enjoy music thoroughly and I just feel it’ll be fantastic to be able to play any musical instrument.

I wish I could DECORATE A CAKE BEAUTIFULLY. I can bake. I’m good at it. I can ice a cake too. I’m decent at it. But what I really want to learn and hope to master is to decorate it really beautifully. I’m still at the nascent stage when it comes to icing a cake. I want the desserts that I make to not just taste yummy but to also look divine too. Someday…. sigh, someday.

I wish I could be BETTER AT PHOTOGRAPHY. I’m a nature person. I love nature. Trees, flowers, birds, animals, mountains etc.… anything and everything makes me see the world in awe. There are so many instances that you’ll come across and may never come across again and I love capturing those moments on my camera. I wish I had better talent when it comes to it. I’m hoping to someday get there.

I wish I could be a BETTER POET. Honestly, I really don’t know if I’m good at what I write or not. But I write. I know the only way to improve on my writing is to write and so I write. Some of it may not be publishing worthy but it doesn’t stop me. Someday I hope I get published. Then and only then will I truly call myself a poet. But until then…. I write.



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