Slipping Existence


Every now and then I come across articles and posts about how we need to conserve and save the planet and it breaks my heart. This planet is our HOME. It is where we LIVE. Animals that are familiar and known are reaching the point of entering into the ‘extinct’ or ‘to be extinct’ category and still we are not really reaching the realms of actually saving these species. Imagine the plight of non-familiar ones?! Every small deed that we do to save our planet and every living species on it, is going to help a long way. And it is going to help US. Whether the deed is personal (like using cloth bags instead of plastic) to monetary (like donations) or even being part of groups (like NGOs), the need to ACT NOW was a long time ago and yet… we seem to learn extremely slowly and don’t seem to be doing enough. Every little thing that we use or wear or eat comes from what we sow. Can we eventually save our planet or will it slither away just like in the image which, I think, depicts the crisis perfectly…

We write with a pencil

We write with a pen

Has anyone ever wondered?

How on earth it all began?

The food that we grow

The grains that we sow

Where did it come from?

Does anyone know?

The clothes that we wear

That is stitched or readymade

I’d sure like to know

When fashion began to grow

The simple tasks we do in life

Like brushing our teeth or cutting with a knife

Are done with ease for now we have

A brush to brush and a knife to cut

A day is a day

A night is a night

Ever wondered

Why we call it that?

There are so many things

That makes me wonder

About the earth, the universe

The things beyond

We love our planet which we call earth

It’s our lives, our place that we call home

And yet we’re out to destroy the place

Coz there’s no time or energy to clean the mess

The mess that exists because of us

That is endangering the lives of so many others

Humans, animals, living things around

Will soon be wiped out if we don’t turn around


Image courtesy:- digitalart/


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