Daily Prompt: Oasis

My Refuge

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I’m a born worrier. I stress out way too much, I keep things locked up inside but on the outside I smile. During those times when things get a bit too much to handle and I want to escape, I can think of plenty of places where I can just go and be with myself. Like a coffee shop for example. Sometimes I’d go and order up a cup of tea or a mug of hot chocolate and just sit and observe my surroundings and let the thoughts in my mind wander about. But I don’t get the PEACE and QUIET that I seek. That, I only get at this park that I go to.

Gearing myself up with walking shoes, some music and a book to read, every day I’d visit the park and enjoy the silence. A good vigorous hour long walk and then an hour spent reading a book. That for me is total bliss. The walk completely energizes me and the book calms me down. No matter what the mood. It also helps get my exercising goals and reading goals moving. So that’s two birds with one stone, I guess.

There are quite a few parks in my area. But the one that I go to is called The Jogger’s Park and it has its own uniqueness. You would think with its proximity to the bustling main road you wouldn’t find any quiet in there. But the minute you enter the park, it’s as if you’re welcomed into nature’s bosom and she envelopes you into her arms and builds a bubble around you to drown out the traffic sound. There are plenty of trees around the park, birds chatter amongst themselves in a bustling conversation, squirrels squeak and run about in playfulness and you are also privy to the gorgeous sunset every day. These are just some of the amazing aspects of it.

There are these swinging type benches that are placed around the park for the people who’d like to just sit there. There’s even a sign for exercisers that tells you that four rounds around the park make one kilometre. I find that certainly useful. The children are not forgotten. For them, there’s a cute little tiny place fitted with swings and what not. It is a park that caters to one and all.

My favourite part of the park — it is never crowded. That is what I truly love about it. There’ll be people walking, people sitting on the benches and gossiping amongst themselves, a few kids here and there playing about and yet it does not give you even a remote sense of it being crowded.

In a world where peace and quiet and space are turning out to be a rarity, this park is my Oasis.



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