Warrior Woman

This poem is dedicated to someone I call ‘twinny’. We actually call each other that. We have led and lead such eerily similar lives that it definitely feels like we are indeed real twins. The lines in the poem are so true about her that trying to add or explain it further seems a shame. So I leave you to read it without saying much except ‘Happy Birthday’ to one of the best people I have ever met and may all your dreams be fulfilled.

She’s beautiful in her own way

She’s stronger than most in every way

She’s a fighter, a survivor, a warrior of sorts

She’s one of the best of the women folk

I’ve known her now for quite a few months

And in these months, I’ve learned so much

Bout the person, the woman, the friend she is

Her thoughts, her feelings, her emotions

She’ll stand by you no matter what

She’ll fight for you until she drops

She’ll never let go if you push her away

She’ll be there for you, come what may

She has a constant smile on her face

She cares about people in so many ways

She hesitates not to show them her love

You can try calling her even at one

She’s ready for battle whenever it comes

She’s ready to tackle things straight head on

But even in battles she puts on a smile

Hoping that someday everything’s alright

I have just one wish for my wonderful friend

That happiness and joy may never end

To stay on her path and be with her

Always and forever, forever and more


P.S. My twinny blogs at jaibalarao. Do read her poems and stories. They are one of a kind.


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