The Daily Prompt: Bedtime

A Bedtime Cycle



Clutching her heart she falls to the ground

Teardrops trickling softly down

She scrunches her eyes and whispers ‘why

Why is it so hard to just get by?’

She curls into a ball and rests against the wall

Staring at the world and nothing beyond

Her thoughts are fuzzy, her mind’s a mess

But she continues to sit there as the sun sets

The sun’s gone and the stars are out

But the tears that are falling have not dried out

It’s getting cold so she hugs herself tight

And closes her eyes to another sleepless night

Eyes shut tight her tears have now dried

But the pain within had all but died

She wills herself to go off to sleep

Instead she’s awake like an owl can be

She sighs and waits for the sun to come out

And begin the day like nothing’s wrong

Pretend she’s good, pretend she’s okay

Pretend it’s just another regular day


Image courtesy:- Theeradech Sanin/


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