The Magical Seed


A seed is dumped into the ground

Squished, squashed, deep into the mud

It’s hungry and thirsty, so you give it some water

Which settles down quickly for it to grow better

A lot time later, you visit your seedling

To see that it has sprouted a few green wings

You whoop in joy to see your tiny seed

Has finally popped out some tiny little leaves

You pat it, water it, and feed it some more

You jump in delight and head for the door

Once inside you just can’t wait

For that tiny seed to grow up straight

You go through these feelings for days and months

Till that tiny seed grows into a giant

One day you wake up and look out to see

That dumped little seed is now a big tree

You run out in elation and look at your tree

From up to down and all around merrily

You’re laughing, excited, as joyous as can be

You hug it and whisper “my best friend you’ll be”


Image courtesy:- amenic181/


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