The Angelic Brat

This poem is about my ex-neighbor’s  at that time two year old daughter. It’s been almost five years since they’ve moved away but there hasn’t been a moment where we’ve never talked about this adorable little girl with tiny fists pounding on our doors and wanting to see and talk to each and every person. 

She bangs the door and lets out a shout

‘Open the door, open it now!

Can’t you see I’m standing here?

Waiting to just rush in there.’

As we open the door she pushes in

And looks to see if everyone’s in

Once she sees us she settles down

To play, run or just saunter around

She comes to each one separately

And plays with us willingly

And then she drags us all at once

To play with her or just thump, thump*

She talks to herself in her own code

And expects us to listen and nod

She’s scared of a thing called buttetai

Which we translate into a butterfly

She points to every edible thing

And looks at us quite hungrily

We fall for those cute, innocent eyes

And give her to eat what she eyes

She quietly takes her favorite plate

And sits in her own special place

She asks for some water coz it’s pungent

But she refuses to stop what she’s munchin’

Her mom then comes to take her home

But she shakes her head and refuses to go

She says ‘come on let’s feed you lunch’

But this tiny one says no and runs

She’s chased around and is finally caught

Where she screams her tiny lungs out

She tries to push her mom away

By scrambling around like in some hay

She finally leaves in gulps of tears

And promises to be let to come later

I look at her go and it amazes me

That this two year old is so lively


*thump thump was her way of saying ‘jump’.


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