Heart and Mind

I’ve been trying to put down how I feel

The thoughts, the emotions I want to unseal

I want to know what it is

That makes one feel and makes one think

Without a heart one can’t feel

Without a mind one can’t think

It’s easy enough for one to say

I don’t care about what people say

But everyone does, that is true

Wanting to know loved ones thoughts

We ask for their opinions and suggestions

For we also want their appreciation

So why is it hard to accept what they say

Especially when it’s what you didn’t expect

Maybe because we want their support

No matter what we’ve done or are going to do

It’s strange how we humans behave

When negativity comes our way

We don’t accept it but say, “You’re wrong”

For we’ve put effort in the work done

We want to be praised in what we do

But not apprehended if we don’t

I find that funny to the extreme

Because we ask them for their opinion

So when you ask someone the question they dread

Make sure that you are well prepared

For what you ask may not be what you want

And what they reply may not be what you thought



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