Nature’s Beauty

I look up to the clouds as we’re walking by

I see the twinkling stars in the brightly lit sky

The moon’s a perfect silvery crescent

It makes the sight so amazingly pleasant

I stop for a moment and take in the beauty

The beauty that’s rarely seen in my city

I’m baffled at the shiny countless stars

That’s enough to light up the path along

We’re walking in silence and enjoying the peace

With shining stars and swinging trees

The trees that utter their own soft music

It makes one feel oh so relaxing

The crunch of our feet on the barely made road

Gives its own beat and as a melody it flows

We utter not a single word and prefer to listen

To the music that nature so effortlessly gives us



4 thoughts on “Nature’s Beauty

  1. Well, I love the poem and the beauty of night that you so easily describe 🙂

    However, the picture doesn’t match na? In the poem, you talk of walking by under the night sky, but the picture is from a window 🙂


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