Wish We Were Five

They splash about happily in the clear blue water

Gleefully spraying each other without a bother

You look at them with envy in your eyes

Wishing you were like them, little kids at five

They shriek and laugh with bouts of giggles

You wonder what they’re up to between those giggles

They swim about like fishes but not so deep inside

They have their own pranks, with naughtiness alongside

They enjoy every moment without a care in the world

You wonder how it gets lost as you begin to grow old

You look at them in silence and whisper a short prayer

That no matter what they never lose this moment ever



5 thoughts on “Wish We Were Five

  1. I do pray for them to never lose that moment, even though I know that it’s more likely that they will, and only remember it when they see 5 year olds when they are grown up and in my place 🙂 Nostalgic poem, NJ.


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