True Friends

‘Making friends is easy, maintaining them on the other hand is a whole new level.’ In this day and age where networking sites play a vital role in making friends, it’s not that hard to pop in to a stranger and say ‘hi’ no matter which corner of the world you are in. But to move past that ‘hi’ and become good friends and remain in touch for days, months, years together is hard work. To work through the frustrations, through the constraints… let’s face it, no relationship is smooth sailing. There is bound to be some bumps along the way. Some friends may stick with you through those bumps and work at it and some may not. Some may leave on a bitter note, some may just disappear into a world called LIFE. Some may waltz into your life as if nothing or no time has passed and some you may know since you were born. Whichever way it goes, friends are an important part of our lives. They are our oxygen and blood. Without them… one cannot survive.


They make you smile, they make you laugh

They’re there for you whenever you want

They accept you for the person you are

They do not change you for something you’re not

They give you time, they listen to you

If asked for advice, they give that too

They understand when you need your space

They can easily read that off your face

They understand the unspoken words

It’s like they know your dictionary of words

They’re loyal and truthful in every way

Something you don’t find a lot nowadays

Who are these ‘they’ that I talk about?

They are the ones who know you the most

A brother, a sister, a friend or a pet

Someone who surely will never forget

The person you were, the person you are

No matter if you’re near or somewhere far

Hold onto them for there aren’t so many

Who’ll give you the world without asking a penny.


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