Speck of Brown

Black Kite

I look to the sky and what do I see

Not a single white cloud there happens to be

It’s blue around with shades of grey

I wish to soar in there, I pray

A speck of brown appears around

It seems to be going round and round

As it near the target on the ground

It starts to make a screeching sound

It doesn’t hunt, it doesn’t haunt

But just keeps screeching on and on

It spread its wings joyously

And glides along without flapping

I try and strain my eyes to see

What this majestic bird could be

It glides so close, enough to bite

That’s when I realize it’s a beautiful kite


Black kites are a common sight in India. I often get to see two to three of them gliding about and preparing for an ‘air fight’ show! It’s amazing how these beautiful creatures barely flutter their wings and yet are airborne for so long. The photograph that I’ve taken is not great. You could probably play ‘pin’ the bird. It’s hard to capture a bird through a net but I did manage to get something and I’m hoping that someday I get a neat little picture of that gorgeous beauty. But for better pictures and to know more about black kites, click here.


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