Unforgivable Present

This is an old post but, well,


“She just sits there and stares into oblivion. What is wrong with her? You think a demon attacked her?” asked Aria, gigging with her friend.



T was a happy girl. She loved life. She was always cheerful and brought an instant smile on people’s faces. She never stayed upset for long. “What’s the point?” she asked. Her happiness and cheerfulness was contagious. One “hello” from her and it turned a frown into a smile.

T was turning thirteen tomorrow. Her body went through all the familiar changes as it entered what is popularly called as ‘womanhood’. She took all the awkwardness in her usual cheery style.  She was excited would be an understatement. It being a Friday, at school her friends wished her in advance, hugged her and begged her for a party to celebrate her birthday. Yes, T was extremely happy.



“5…4…3…2…1”… T was lying in bed counting down the seconds to her officially turning thirteen. “Happy birthday!”, screeched voices. T got up with a jerk and laughed as she saw her parents at the door. They rushed in and hugged their daughter. “We have a surprise for you”, said T’s father. T’s eyes gleamed with excitement. “What is it?” Her parents looked at each other and her mother smiled and said “it’s in the garage.” T squealed and went with her parents.



“Nnnnooooooo!! Please!! Stttooppp!! Why are you doing this? Please… let… me… go… What are you… doing? Why… why… why do you have a … a… a knife in your hand? What are you going to do to me? No, no, nooooo! Get away from me!! No, nooooooooooooo…….”



T is on her bed. Sleeping. She wakes up with her heart racing. As she tries to get up she screams in agony and clutches herself. Crying bitterly, she pulls the bed cover off herself and looks down at the blood stained pajamas and bed. She screams again and again and again and again… T will never be the same laughing girl again.



Eyes covered with a piece of cloth, T entered the garage with excitement. Her mother led her to a long table and asked her to sit on it. Puzzled, T obliged. From that second things changed. T was forcibly tied to the table and the piece of cloth was pulled off her eyes. Her pajama was yanked down in one swift move and her father stood next to her feet towering over her, holding a knife in his hand. T screamed for about a minute while her father slashed her three times. Before the first ‘cut’ was even made, T passed out. Cuts done with, her mother yanked her daughter’s pajamas up and undid the knots around her hands and feet. They carried T back to her room and lay her on the bed and left.


NOTE:- FGM, Female genital mutilation, a practice that involves the removal of a female’s clitoris and sewing up the labia is practised all over the world. Why? To curb her ‘sexual urges.’ The pain, the agony that a girl/woman would go through is unimaginable. A close, personal friend of mine and a fellow blogger wrote about it. You can read her article Failed Determination and follow the links provided by her. Following her footsteps, with this FICTIONAL story, I am trying to do what I can do best; spread awareness. Maybe you are aware of it, maybe you aren’t. But I do sincerely request all readers to make people aware of it. It’s just the first step, but I hope someday with these steps, FGM will be put to an end.



6 thoughts on “Unforgivable Present

  1. I first heard of female genital mutilation through my husband, and he learnt it through fellow officers. It’s heart breaking. In our part of the world we never heard of it before.
    This horrible practice should be stopped by all means. Awareness of this abnormality should be brought before those who commit this henious crime against girls.


    1. Just awareness may not be enough but I always feel something is better than nothing. Writing it was very tough for me; I can imagine how it must feel to read it.


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