Mini Beast

This poem is dedicated to a cute little girl (well, she’s 22 years old so not exactly ”little”). Anyway, she’s someone I’ve gotten to know in these past eight to nine months and I’ve grown extremely fond of her and have come to regard her as my baby sister. I’ve also grown protective of her but that does not stop me from troubling her! After all, what are elder sisters for?
P.S. She grumbles and rants at aratrikaspeaks


She’s tiny, she’s small, and she’s cute as a doll

Try telling her this and she’ll probably kill us all

I’m taking a risk by even mentioning this

But I say this in love for she’s my little sis

She thinks so much that her head will explode

You tell her that and she’ll explode some more

Her sentences end with an exclamation point

Five, sometimes six to make her point

It’s not that she’s angry, she’s not upset

It’s just that she’s crazy in a hyper way

She loves to banter with everyone

And call people meanies just for fun

She has been given names of various kinds

I’m guilty as charged almost every time

I dare not mention or she’ll explode again

Although I know how to win her again

Her love for chocolate is nothing new

There are tons of people who love them too

If ever she’s angry I know what to do

Just give her a chocolate and that’ll be good

When I think about her I can’t help but feel

Caring and loving and protective indeed

Sometimes I wish I could just give her a hug

And sweep all her troubles under a rug

But that I can’t do for she’s not near me

She lives in a city different from me

So I try my best to make her see

How incredible a woman she is

The strength that she has is very strong

She doesn’t realize and I feel that’s wrong

That strength can get her through so much in life

I hope she realizes that soon in time


 Image courtesy:- ME


7 thoughts on “Mini Beast

  1. Aww aww aww super cute. And I agree….she sure is going to explode on reading this. But I just want to say to her….My emotions echo the ones here….I only wish that you were near….I give you a name or two new…..And like a bear squish you. ❤ And NJ this is lovely and super cool ❤


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