The Good Old Days

A long time ago, two college best friends (let’s call them Mona and Lisa, shall we) were planning on catching a movie.  Twittering like birds, joking around and laughing; it felt like olden times for them.

The queue they were standing in moved at a snail’s pace. (I hate when that happens. Have you ever noticed that the queue you are standing in invariably tends to move slower than the ones you are NOT standing in?)

As the two twittering birds… I mean friends… twittered ……. I mean chattered (Geez! What’s wrong with me?) As they continued talking (yes, much more dignified); along came a girl and said ‘hi!’

Not recognizing her, Mona turned to look at Lisa and saw the look of recognition on her face. Or so she thought. The conversation between Lisa and the mysterious ‘hi’ girl went thus:-

Lisa: Hi!

Hi Girl (HG): How are you?

Lisa: I am doing well. How about you?

OG: Oh, I’m doing well too. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

Lisa: Yeah! So, how are things with you? What have you been doing these days?

OG: Well, I’m planning to graduate in Economics.

Lisa: Really? That’s great!

OG: What about you? What are you doing these days?

Lisa: Well, I got into medical college and am slogging my a** off with it. I came down for a break so I thought I’d catch up with my friend here (pointing to Mona).

Mona and ‘Hi’ girl smile at each other.

HG: That’s nice. What are you girls planning to watch?

Lisa: Oh! Umm… we haven’t decided that.

Mona (thinking to herself: We haven’t? Umm… then what are we doing standing in this line?)

She turns her attention back to the conversation.

HG: Oh! Umm… well… I’ve gotta run but I’ll catch up with you later. It was nice meeting you.

Lisa: Yeah, you too.

HG: Bye.

Lisa: Bye, bye.

Mona turns to Lisa and says,” we haven’t decided on a movie yet? What is that supposed to mean? What are we standing here for then? Who is she, anyway?”

How am I supposed to know? I have never seen or met her in my life. She came up to us and started talking so I just joined the flow”, said Lisa grinning like a maniac.

Mona looked utterly baffled. Seeing the puzzled look on her friend’s face, Lisa started laughing. Buying tickets for some random movie, they entered the theater laughing at the incident and looking forward to another crazed filled day.


That’s what friendship is all about. Experiencing the weirdest of moments, the best of moments and yes, even the worst of moments with each other and yet sticking with each other through thick and thin. I’m sure when ‘Mona and Lisa’ look back to that day they’d have a hearty laugh at it and reminisce some more about the days gone by. So, all you people out there, treasure every moment with your friends. No matter which corner of the world they are from. Remember them, don’t give up on your friends easily… people will walk in and out of your lives and yes, friends too. But there are some who will stick around, no matter what. Treasure them. Because THEY are pure sunshine. You never know where life will take you or when you’ll meet them next, let alone talk to them. So the next time you feel like talking to a friend, just call them.



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