Joyous Flight

It’s been three days since the sun shined

That’s the thought that went through my mind

And lo and behold the sunbeam

Greets me with a smile on its face

I look up to the sky and see a flock of birds fly by

They form a wonderful pattern

With the sunrays in the background

They chirp and flutter their wings

Expressing their joy in the way they can

For today they don’t have to huddle

Under a tree or a big giant lamp

They are using their voices to greet one another

Like we humans do when we see each other

Their wings spread far away, they fly in joy

Bird after bird, high in the sky

Suddenly darkness occurs

Spreading itself over the sunrays

The bonds of the birds are broken

As they scatter to get under cover

For the rains are back

As the dark clouds announce

It’s time for a bit of rain to pour down


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