Box of Chocolates

As the cool breeze blows through the window

I sit up and look out

I see the trees tussle to and fro

But standing its ground and not ready to fall

I wonder if people take their encouragement from them

And withstand all the obstacles that come their way

The clouds darken the sky —- sign of rain

Then a streak of golden orange forces its way through the clouds

It’s fighting to break through and pour its warmth on mother earth

The very warmth that we crave for and call a silver lining

But as the long heat takes a toll

We are craving and longing for the dark clouds

We want the rains to rid us of the heat

And sometimes we ask for a little sunbeam

As complicated as we are in our wants

Our lives are the same too

We enjoy the heat, the rains, and the winter

I guess we also enjoy different aspects of life —-no matter how difficult or easy

Because that helps us or at least some of us understand life

The only difference is that with the weather we know

That after summer, the showers hit, and then the winter

But with life —- it’s unpredictable

We never know what might hit us and when

As the famous saying goes “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you get”


4 thoughts on “Box of Chocolates

  1. True. We never know what will hit us in life and so we can’t even brace ourselves for it. But…. your post hit me real bad. I WAS expecting it was something to do with chocolates. Hmph!


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