Strength In Peace

I sit sometimes and stare outside

At the pale, light blue sky up high

I watch as the sun decides its time

To set and wish us all good night

I close my ears to the noise outside

And take in the chirping of birds inside

I close my mind to my thoughts inside

And let the light in from the sun outside

I imagine myself on a mountain top

Breathing fresh air as the temperature drops

I listen in silence to the beat of my heart

I listen as I calmly breathe in and out

I take in the sounds of the pattering rain

It helps me often to forget my pain

I feel at peace in my mind and heart

It gives me strength with the struggles I fight



6 thoughts on “Strength In Peace

    1. Thank you so much, kind sir 🙂 I hope you have a lovely week too.

      P.S. My name’s Nirmal. You missed the ‘L’ at the end 😀 Or you can just call me NJ. Easier that way too 🙂


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