Life In The Sky


They shake and shiver and are fully prepared

To take off in flight as the sun appeared

They spread their wings and sing joyously

Oh how I wish I could also join with thee

They glide and soar as if in a song

Singing their melody in a chirping tone

Their cries are answered with a twitter or two

Just like a moment that are shared by kids

Wings spread far and flapping persistently

I always wondered “don’t they tire easily”?

They swarm in circles and in continuity

Keeping the flock together in harmony

They begin their descent in one swift move

Not one, not two but the whole lot too

They come to rest on a patch of grass

Pecking with their beaks the food they lust

Once filled they skip around a bit

Looking for a dip in a puddle between

That done they stand around in circles

Maybe it’s a way for them to slumber

Once again they prepare with shakes and shivers

Fluttering their wings like an aching muscle

Spreading their wings they fly away

I really wish I was with them today


Image courtesy:- worradmu/


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