Heart’s A Lullaby

She wakes up with a start and reaches out

And lets out a silent scream that isn’t loud

Her heart’s shattering the walls covering it

The walls are shaking as if it’s been hit

Her eyes are wildly looking around

As if there’s someone to soothe her down

She drops her hand as it’s not held

For no one heard the scream she yelled

She clutches her chest and pats the walls

To calm the pounding of her heart

She scrunches her eyes to a total shut

To wipe the dream that woke her up

Her heart has gone to a steady beat

The dream in her eyes has done a retreat

She lies back down and pulls the cover

Hoping she’ll be safe and undercover

She closes her eyes and prays in her head

The horrible dreams will not visit again

Her heart’s now silent and softly beats

Like a sweet lullaby and puts her to sleep


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