Grizzly Groggy

This poem is a special dedication to the birthday boy we fondly call ‘Groggy’. Of course his real name isn’t Groggy, it’s Arjun. I’ve known Arjun for more than a year now but got to truly know him in these past seven to eight months. If I try to describe him… well, I can’t. So instead I choose to write a poem for him. So, dear Arjun, here’s wishing you a very special Happy  Birthday and may this year be filled with loads of laughter and joy. You’ve already gotten the greatest gift in the form of your lovable darling daughter… but this is just a small something…

Pre NaNo Days - All clean shaven
Pre NaNo Days – All clean shaven


He was first nicknamed Grizzly Bear

You’d think he looks like a gigantic bear

Well, yes it’s true to some extent

Let me see if I can explain

Every November we all would write

A novel that might send us into fright

Fifty thousand words, no less

That target would give anyone stress

So our Grizzly made a November pact

Grow a beard and leave it intact

He’d grow his hair until month end

Religiously he’d follow this trend

Now we call him Mr. Groggy

Why you ask? Oh we’re plain naughty

He’s now stuck with that nickname

Rarely do we call him by his name

He’s crazy as hell and loves to fight

Oh not for real, just silly fights

The truth is he’s an amazing guy

A caring, loving sort of guy

He’ll help you out no matter what

He’ll do his best to get you out

He’ll croak like a frog and call it singing

But that’s his way to get us laughing

He’s one of a kind, a unique kind

This crazy, devilish friend of mine

I’m glad I met him and I’m not sorry

To have a friend like Mr. Groggy

© NJ

During NaNo - All hell breaks loose?
During NaNo – All hell breaks loose?

P.S. Images courtesy:- Groggy’s FB profile.


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