Love at First Sight

Their eyes met across the room

The moment had come for love to bloom

They shyly smile at each other

Then lower their eyelids out of fear

She tucks her hair behind her ears

He’s knocked off his chair by his friends

Her cheeks turn red as they notice her

He stops his friends from embarrassing her

The hall bell clangs and they all move off

To their class, to their gang or just hang out

As they pass each other their eyes meet again

They try conversing but their friends butt in

They say a quick hi and head their separate ways

Hoping they’ll get to talk some another day

Then one day they meet in the library

As they’re picking up books and hoping to see

A glimpse of each other or get to speak

Alone, in private and just in peace

They finally do talk and get to know

Each other, their likes, dislikes and more

As time goes by their love grows too

Into something special, something anew

Into something that cannot ever be broken

Into something that only can be strengthened.



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