I Am A Tyger!

During  NaPoWriMo we were given prompts and through those I learned of something called  The Golden Shovel, invented by Terrance Hayes. Following that example, I gave it another try using The Tyger by William Blake. Only difference being that I wrote the poem using just the first verse of William Blake’s poem.


I am a ferocious tyger

I am a lusty tyger

My throat is burning

The meat is bright

Red is the colour meat is in,

Green be the colour in the

vicinity of the forests

soon the colour orange of

the sun melts into the

sky, to bring thoughts at night

I think ‘you know what?

You are immortal

Clawing meat with your hand

But do you eat the meat? Or

do you carry it away? To eye

the vultures, stealers who could

take away your dinner and frame,

the friends and family of thy

I say to them ‘be fearful’

Without me, no symmetry



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