What Will Protect Me Now?

After a break of almost ten days, I am back with some more poetry. I wanted to write something to explain why I wrote this poem but then I thought let the poem do the work. I wrote this quite sometime back, courtesy a prompt in a writing group.

As I walk along the path familiar to me

I feel his roving eyes and in his mind undress me

I sense the peculiar feeling of goose bumps on my arms

I clench my teeth and pretend that I do not have any qualms

You’ve got my heart racing with the dirty way you see

But I won’t give you the satisfaction that you got to me with ease

You whistle and you hoot and call me names of shame

I dare you to march up to your mum and call her all those names

As I walk towards my building I see you shadowing me

I clutch my bag with tightness with the weapon that’ll defend me

I enter the lift with gladness for I know you can’t follow me

Coz of you I’m trembling with terror and having fits of anxiety

I rush inside my house and click on all the bolts

I shut all drapes and curtains and even the windows and doors

I sit on the bed and begin the process of calming down

With difficulty and anger for letting my whole guard down

I open my eyes and think today I was saved by a wink

But what about tomorrow will that go in a blink

I fume with anger and rage and refuse to let myself cave

I grab my bag and search for the weapon that keeps me brave

I hunt in all the corners and give a cry of despair

I fling my bag on the floor and rummage everywhere

I run helter skelter and throw things without a bother

For you see I’ve lost the weapon, the weapon that kept me safer

I slump against the wall and slither onto the floor

Wondering when I lost my weapon that protected me from gore

Now what will be my weapon that’ll defend me from these monsters?

Oh what will be my weapon that will protect me from danger?



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