Thank You

30 Days, 30 poems done. I am thrilled to the core for being able to do so. However, since I am travelling these next few days, I will not get to write the last poem based on the prompt. So instead I have written something which I’ve dedicated to NaPoWriMo.


I‘d like to thank NaPoWriMo

For giving a task I looked forward to

In which I wrote a poem a day

All April, from Monday to Sunday

I did sometimes follow their prompts

But there were times when I was stumped

So then I wrote my own poems

Instead of feeling bad and broken

I only feel proud of myself

For writing a poem everyday

Whether good or whether bad

At least I gave it some attempt

But now it’s coming to an end

I have mixed feelings within

For it gave me some motivation

To write lots more and better myself

It doesn’t mean that I’ll give up

I’ll continue to write lots more

I’ll look forward to the next year

And attack the challenge with full gear




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