Alone till Death

Today’s prompt is similar to the very first prompt we’ve had. This is how it goes:- ‘Our early-bird prompt this year (on March 31) was an ekphrastic poem. This is something similar — a poem written from a photograph.’ We had the choice of using one of the four photographs that they gave us or we could choose one of our own. I opted for one of the four choices given by them.


Surrounded I was by green

Surrounded I was with trees

Surrounded I was by doors

But no soul walked in or out

Every single day I waited

Every single day I hoped

Every single day I prayed

Someone came along the way

I was so alone, I had no family

I was so alone, I had no friends

I was so alone and I felt so lonely

Till that became my companion

But not one uttered a word

But not one even cared

But not one came around

Until I was finally dead



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