Tigers – An Endangered Species

Every now and then I read and hear stories of how the number of tigers are declining at an alarming rate. It is not always bad news though. I do get to hear some good news of beautiful tiger cubs being sighted. But it still does not take away the fact that there are very few tigers that exist on our planet. Not just tigers, other animals too are killed for various reasons. I only hope that someday it’ll stop and they are left to live in peace…


He looks at you with big brown eyes

With razor sharp teeth like fangs of a snake

He tries with all his might to bite

Your hands, your legs or even your neck

He’s too small to be let out in the wild on his own

So you create a world that he can call home

You know it’s temporary, he knows it too

For that’s the bond that is shared by you two

He has to be fed every few hours

Trained and prepared for a life in the dark

You love him and wish you can keep him as a pet

But you know you can’t for someday you’ll regret

You wish that they could think like humans

I guess they are better off not knowing how

For we are the ones that are doing so

Wiping off their species before they can say no

They do us no harm unless we try to

Enter their space, their domain, their home

They do the same as we humans do

Protect their young ones just as we do

So why is it so hard for us to be?

Understanding and caring to those lovely beasts

We don’t have to pet them or keep them in a zoo

Just let them live in the wild on their own

 By destroying them we are destroying the earth

The place we call our home as I said before

So someday I hope we can see

That we all can live in harmony



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