Will Anyone See?

Today’s prompt asked us to write something called as an ‘Anaphora’. ‘Anaphora is a literary term for the practice of repeating certain words or phrases at the beginning of multiple clauses or, in the case of a poem, multiple lines. The phrase “A time to,” as used in the third Chapter of Ecclesiastes, is a good example of anaphora. But you don’t have to be the Old Testament (or a Byrds song) to use anaphora. Allen Ginsberg used it in Howl, for example. This post by Rebecca Hazelton on the Poetry Foundation’s blog gives other great examples of anaphora in action, from Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech to Homer Simpson. So today, I challenge you to write a poem that uses anaphora. Find a phrase, and stick with it — learn how far it can go.’ For this prompt too, I did not follow the prompt completely but here’s my attempt.

If I die, will anyone cry?

If I cry, will anyone try?

If I try, will anyone see?

The efforts I’m putting to be free

If I leave, will anyone look for me?

If I look, will anyone come to me?

If I come, will anyone see?

That I want to be a part of thee

If I speak, will anyone hear me?

If I hear, will anyone talk to me?

If I’m silent, will anyone see?

That I want someone to speak to me




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