Nature’s Masonry

This is the prompt for today:- ‘Peter Roberts has been participating in NaPoWriMo for several years now at his blog, Masonry Design. He has the charming and odd distinction of having only written poems about masonry. Today, I challenge you to do the same (for one day, at least), and to write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like. If that sounds a bit hard, remember that one of Robert Frost’s most famous poems was about a wall.’ This time three years back (2011), my sister, a common friend and I were on a month long trip in the UK. On one of the best holidays I have ever been on, we travelled all over, right from Scotland to Northern Island to Wales and finally England. It was during this week that year, that we headed off to Belfast (Northern Island) to visit the Giant’s Causeway. Going through those pictures gave me an idea to write a poem for this prompt. It might not suit the prompt a hundred percent but it is related to the prompt. So here’s a sort of tribute to one of nature’s most wonderful place on earth.

3 Giant's Causeway, 27th April

These rocks and stones were joined along

They are not man-made but by nature’s force

It is said to be created by a volcanic activity

Years and years and million years ago

There are so many steps of heavenly delight

Nature’s own playground for people, alright

Around 40, 000 columns of pure enchantment

Most hexagonally made from interlocking basalt

Huge stepping stones they look from a distance

They continue on and on with firm persistence

Some of them tower at a height of 39 feet

They even create shapes like a camel or a giant’s gate

Some rocks are friendly and have many sides

Others have a weathered looking ‘giant’s eye’

Legend has a tale to describe these very columns

That a giant built it, each and every column

They are so close knit that you cannot even try

To pry them away from each other even with a knife

The rocks are friendly to nature’s beloved greenery

They live with grass and flowers in perfect harmony

These thousands of columns are a world wonder

It’s best to protect them and leave it (un) bothered



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