The prompt for today is called the ‘homophonic translation’. ‘Find a poem in a language you don’t know, and translate it into English based on the look of the words and their sounds.’ Going as per the prompt the poem I chose:- 

On Est Petits by Claude Esteban

On est petits, disais-tu, si petits que la mort
va nous oubliercomme tu parlais bien sur la lande, je finissais
par te croire, le fouj’imaginais la mort comme une mère
qui nous accueilleet qui veut qu’on s’endorme enfin, mais
tu n’étais que le fou

tu confondais merveilleusement
les signes, moi

j’étais sur le bord du vide,

My translation for it is as follows:-

Honest people they say so, say people ‘kill them all’

Why no believe them all

Come to Parle as soon as you’ve landed, you finish

The party, you fool

I imagined your mother calling you a mare

What an accusation

I quickly say to your mom ‘end it finally’, I

Cannot take it anymore

 To be confident he’s your amusement,

Is silly, you know

 I’m sure you’re bored out of your mind,

I understand



2 thoughts on “Randomization

  1. Lol I dont know why I kept thinking of utti while reading this. Loved it…..as random as random can get…..and fun if you try to make sense


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