A Promise

Today I skipped the prompt and put up something else instead. This is a sort of dedication to a friend of mine, a friend who has been my best friend for more than 20 years now. We’ve known each other practically our whole lives and have grown up with each other through all the happy moments and tough ones too. But we never gave up on our friendship which has at times gone through various tests too. But we battled through all of it and are still going stronger than ever. I can go on and on about her and our friendship… and I will. In another post, but for now… this poem is for her.

It’s been more than 20 years

Since we’ve known each other

At times when I think about it

It feels so very much longer

Sometimes we’ve had our silly fights

For which I’ve often wondered why

The reason for those funny times

Where we’d end up laughing those nights

Though distance took us far apart

To grow into what we are today

We made sure that the same distance

Didn’t break our friendship in any way

As we grew up we began to understand

What friendship is and where we stand

We knew we would be friends forever

Not close or good but best friends forever

Now times have changed and here we are today

To fulfil the many roles of life as one says

So let’s promise each other no matter what

We’ll stay best friends in each and every way


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