Mad Hatter Shop

Today we had to write a poem using the ‘fun sea shell’ names that was given in the prompt. A long list of names were given to us and we had to choose as many as we want and use them in our poem. My attempt is as follows:-

Come, come, come dear people

Come and visit my shop

Come see how they work the needle

On the strawberry top

See the work on the heavy bonnet

See how it changes you

See and write a beautiful sonnet

Or try and find something new

Come and try the Peruvian hat

Come and see how it looks

Come and see if it’s made in matt

Then you can always book

See the Atlantic turkey wing

See if it fits your head

See if it gives you a nice zing

Or try something else instead

Come have a false cup and saucer

Come they don’t cost so much

Come you won’t look like a monster

See how it’s soft to touch

See the various colours and sizes

See the various kinds

See and come and claim your prizes

Feel the magic inside



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