I’m No Robot

Today’s prompt asked us to write a poem in which every sentence except the last one, was in the form of a question. I tried really hard but I felt it wouldn’t fall right by changing the last line of my poem into a question too. So in a way, this is the first time I am not following the prompt.

How do you pretend to not feel what you feel?

How do you let them go when you know your heart will bleed?

How do you fight inside and put on a smile outside?

How do you go through life with so much pain inside?

How do you keep yourself from losing someone you love?

How do you just pretend and move on like nothing’s wrong?

How do you fake a life when all of it is a lie?

How do you deal with the truth while everyday you lie?

How do you pretend to not feel things inside?

How do you act like a robot when you’re all human inside?



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