Personal Ads

Today’s prompt was quite interesting. We had to write an advertisement-poem. The explanation for it goes like this: – Once upon a time, poetry was regularly used in advertisements, most notably the Burma-Shave ads:

Said Farmer Brown
Who’s bald on top
“Wish I could
Rotate the crop”


She put a bullet
Through his hat
But he’s had closer
Shaves than that

Today, I challenge you to write your own advertisement-poem. You don’t need to advertise Burma-Shave. Any product (or idea) will do. Perhaps you could write a poem advertising poetry? It certainly could use the publicity!

Pots and pans, spoons and forks

I really wish I knew how to cook

That’s where we can help you out

Check out the site called Hungwrimos

On this site you’ll get to see

Original and tested recipes

You’ll also see some other ones

Which aren’t original but have been done

Now I switch to YSeeker

A place to read or just wander

Reviews of movies, music and books

Are a few things to have a look

Stories that leave you mesmerized

Pictures that make your eyes go wide

Poems that make you ponder in thought

Visit the site and give it a shot

This is the last switch I promise you

Now for the authors who wrote a book or two

For your editing, promoting, publishing needs

Visit LitLeague and they’ll help you indeed


Sites mentioned are:-,,


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