Coloured Love

Today’s prompt asked us to write an ‘Anacreontic’. According to NaPoWriMo:- Poets have been writing about love and wine, wine and love, since . . . well, since the time of Anacreon, a Greek poet who was rather partial to that subject matter. Anacreon developed a particular meter for his tipsy, lovey-dovey verse, but Anacreontics in English generally do away with meter-based constraints. Anacreontics might be described as a sort of high-falutin’ drinking song. So today I challenge you to write about wine-and-love. Of course, you may have no love of wine yourself, in which case you might try an anti-Anacreontic poem.
Let’s go a-drinkin’

Every day of the year

Clinkin’ and merry makin’

Fillin’ up on cheer

Fill ‘em up, my boy

Fill ‘em up with wine

Fill ‘em, don’t be shy

Fill ‘em, wine is mine

Drinkin’ chases trouble

It helps me feel alive

Although I see double

I see myself now twice

At least I can escape

Thinkin’ bout you, love

I hurt so much inside

I miss you, my true love

So again I say let’s drink

And glasses all go clink

With wine and merriment

And repeat the trend again


2 thoughts on “Coloured Love

  1. NJ this is like Written for groggy na……I am sure he will identify with what you described……but on a serious note…lets get utti to compose this…it will make an awesome drinking song


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