Snowy Pet

So for today we had to take a famous poem and rewrite it giving it our own spin. ‘Today, let’s rewrite a famous poem, giving it our own spin. While any famous poem will do, if you haven’t already got one in mind, why not try your own version of Cesar Vallejo’s Black Stone Lying on a White Stone? If you’re not exactly sure how such a poem could be “re-written,” check out this recent poem by Stephen Burt, which riffs on Vallejo’s.’ I chose something a little different this time and tried my hand at it. The poem I chose is called Snowball by Shel Silverstein. Hopefully it worked. What do you think?

‘It’s snowing’ he said excited

And ran outside in glee

At once he started packing

Some snow for company

I went to him and asked

‘What do you plan to do?’

‘I plan to wrap him up,

And take him with me too

My friends all have pets

I do not have even one

So I’ll take this ball instead

And introduce him as one

I’ll make him some pyjamas

I’ll even give him food

I’ll treat him like my best friend

And never let him go

Oh can he sleep with me?

In my bed, pretty please

I promise he’ll be neat

He’ll be a lovely treat’

I stare at him in silence

And wonder what to say

That snow won’t even last

Even for a  single day



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