Serene Sky

This is actually an old post related to NaPoWriMo 2014. It fits today’s prompt on WordPress too so …


Looking out the window
I see the moon shining brightly

Curving in a beautiful smile
Making me grin all gleefully

A drop of star here and there
Just brightens up the darkness

It’s such a peaceful place up there
Like a blanket of warming calmness

In contrast is the crazy bustle
Of vehicles and people all around

It looks like they are in a tussle
In a clumsy merry go round

There is a silence of another kind

​All the birds have quietened down

For me, for my wandering mind
No bird songs make me frown

For I rather to hear them twitter
Then hear the sound of a blowing horn

But I make my peace with a handy flutter

For tomorrow a new day is born​



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