Nothing Lasts Forever

The prompt for today was to visit Reb Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle and write a poem based on the quote that the oracle provides. So I clicked on the orb and the quote assigned to me was this:- All beautiful boyfriends are transitory’ by Marilyn Chin. This quote was taken from the poem “Beautiful Boyfriend” by Marilyn Chin. I tried my hand at the quote and produced the following poem which I’ve named as Nothing Lasts Forever.

They walk hand in hand

On the cool summer sand

Gazing in the darkness

To nothing and beyond-ness

The sea and the wind

Seem to fill them within

For they utter not a single word

The quiet seem to say it all

They come to a stop

And find some rocks

They sit and begin

A process to be finished

They turn to face one another

And reading each other

Knowing that it’s over

And wouldn’t last forever



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