Tears welled up in those eyes
She turned around and saw her crying

Upon reflecting she realized
It’s none other than her own eyes

The pain, the hurt she’s going through
Would someone help her see it through?

She doesn’t know what hurts so bad
That keeps on making her so sad

She’s trying to lead a normal life
Where one is joyful and happy alike

She wants to live in her dream world
Where laughter and joy are famililar words

She wonders if she’ll ever be
Happy as she is in her favorite dreams



8 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. in dreams, one can always be happy 🙂 maybe if she sees her reflection smiling, then she’ll be positive to keep it in that reflection. a smile can always help to push through in times of difficulty. she just needs to find the smile.


  2. now this is what we call the mystery of pain…nothing can help pass through it but the pain itself….no other option….I loved the way you presented her emotions…nicely penned nirmal…keep it up..:)


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