I Write

I am not a poet

I cannot magic

pretty words

to their expected

positions. But I try,

because I love to write.

My words may not

flow in tune or form,

But as long as they

make sense, I think

I’ll be fine. And,

who knows, someday,

I’ll get better with time.

But for now, I’ll just

continue with whatever

is my writing style.



I am not a born writer. I don’t belong to the group of people who have been writing since they were children. I do not even belong to the immensely talented group of writers. I don’t even call myself a writer or a poet. But, I am someone who writes. Writing never comes easily to me. I often struggle with it. I do not have a natural talent for it. It was something I took to to explore my world in my head. I am not an open person. I do not talk about my troubles or let things out. I internalize everything and I soon realised that I need to find a let out. Otherwise, life would forever be hard. And since talking wasn’t an option, I took to writing. It was a sweet release for me. I finally had a way to let my inner thoughts and emotions flow. I did not care about the way it flowed. As long as my heart was lightened, I was good. I realised then that I also enjoyed writing. And so began the journey. I’m a long way off from reaching the potential that I see and read everyday. I may or may not even get there. But they are my inspiration to write. My writings may or may not relate to everyone but if there’s even one soul out there whose life I can change, I will feel like my writings are helping and they are worth it. For that’s one of the main reasons why I write. If I can inspire even one person into living his/her life and not giving up, I will consider myself a successful writer/poet.


P.S. Going on a break due to slight health concerns. Not sure when I’ll return. Here’s to hoping I’m back soon. Till then, cheers, and hope you all stay safe and sound.

Image courtesy:- Pixabay.


I Will Not Fall

Clouds of doubts may cover me whole

But I will stand tall and fight them all

They rain in bouts or in a downpour

I will continue to stand through the fall

I will turn the drops into fruits of hope

Absorb them in my being for a better growth

If some of the drops turn out to be bad

I will let them slide down to the riverbed

But fall I won’t, so come dear clouds

Shower me with your pouring love.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Colour The World

Life can never be either black or white

It shouldn’t be. It needs colours.

Sometimes, a lot. Sometimes,

just a few thrown here and there.

Yes, black and white are colours too

But look at what a splash of green

and a sprinkling of reddish pinks

does to a chalkboard white.

It enhances not only nature as a whole,

but also gives new meaning to colours.

They live in harmony with everything

on this planet. So why can’t we?


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Magical Life

The road to life may be easy, but the road to living is far from it.

It was never meant to be easy. Every single thing starts from ground level.

Trees are not born tall. It sprouts from a tiny seedling.

It takes years and years to grow into a full-fledged tree.

And then to multiply.

Even humans. We are not born as adults. We grow into one.

Granted, not all ‘grow up’. Our experiences mould us.

Just like those trees. Nature moulds them.

If they were to find living hard and give up, can you imagine the catastrophe?

But they’re there. Holding on. Going strong.

Imagine walking through a forest, listening to the music of nature.

The rustling of the leaves, the hissing of the swaying branches,

the twitter of birds, and the calls of wild animals…that’s magic.

That’s magic right there. A magic that is called LIFE.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Forgotten Stars

Shining brightly with a

curved smile is a half moon

Along with a sprinkling of stars

for some twinkling company

Perhaps, there’s a conversation

happening between them

As they watch the zigzagging

of humans on the ground

and wonder to themselves

‘when has life become so fast

That they don’t even have time

To stop and look at the stars?’


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Go Exlpore, My Heart

Go, my heart, go

Feel free to explore,

Do not be afraid to hurt

or stumble, or get lost inside,

I will stay with you

every step of the way,

I will take care of you

as you do of me every single day,

without letting go a beat

You are my life and I am yours

and yours alone. For I promise,

I will not let go. No, not unless

you tell me to.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Plain Blank Sheet

Love is a plain blank sheet

which when blossomed

is filled with colours known solely

to the two beautiful souls.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Life Will Prevail

I sit here alone, with nature as my mate

I gaze far and wide as my eyes can see

and I feel free. I let the tears fall.

No one can see as they flow into the river

and just like that my aching heart is being cleansed.

Even though my troubles do not disappear,

the majestic mountains reassure me

that anything can be conquered

if you put your heart to it. All I need to be

is headstrong, just like them.


For come rain or snow or sunshine, they brave it.

They even endure human unkindness.

Yet, there they are, standing proud and tall.

They do not complain. They just stay. They stay in harmony,

as you can see, with the green trees, the blue sky,

the white clouds, the sun, the moon… everything.

There’s so much we can learn and yet, we don’t.

But as I sit here, gazing at nature,

I breathe in the cold, fresh air and I feel a sense of calm,

a sense of happiness, a sense of hope,

hope that someday all of this will not have been in vain.

All of this will continue to prevail

long after mankind has been erased.


Image ©:- Shubhodeep Roy. You can also read his amazing posts on his blog ShubhodeepRoy or visit his site ShubhodeepRoy.

Pepper the World

Take a large bottle and fill it with

love, compassion, kindness, gentleness

forgiveness, warmth, happiness

joy, beauty, sensitivity

goodwill, affection, empathy

humanity, understanding, serenity


and pepper it all over the world

I don’t see how this wouldn’t​ make

the world a better place.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

In response to dVerse’s Quadrille: Pepper.

I am just a Child

I am just a child

I am supposed to be free

Carefree in this world we live in

And yet, I am witness to wars

to destruction, to hate

I am just a child

How do I hide my innocence?

How do I save it?

What can I do to not

grow up before my time?

I am just a child

I should be playing and

eating candy and swinging on

branches but yet here I am

with not a smile on my face

I am just a child

Please do not take away

my childhood before my time


Image courtesy:- Publicdomainarchive

In response to dVerse’s Poetics prompt: Mugging for the Camera