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Countless (The Daily Prompt)

Countless are the leaves

perched on the trees

that brings us the wonderful

summer breeze

but soon these trees

are hacked mercilessly

limbs torn apart

to make some space free

when will we learn

that actions like these

will lead into nothing but


© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

Not Commodities

Friends are life’s necessity

Like the air that we breathe daily

Neither are commodities

That can be bought as a utility

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

Phase (The Daily Prompt)

Phase of Life

Tall standing stems

give birth

to their beloved leaves

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay



Battered and bruised, day in and out

She was tortured constantly

But she had not a single mark on her body

The injury was to her soul


Image courtesy:- holohololand/freedigitalphotos

Dream (The Daily Post)

Last night she had a beautiful dream

Where he was a king and she was a queen

I know, sounds silly but oh what the hell

It’s only a dream so can’t say much there

But in this dream she truly felt

An out and out princess with love so dealt

She felt like the cynosure of his eyes

Literally as if time had stood by




The crawling, the cuddling, the kisses and hugs

They now have stopped and she can’t do much

So instead she turns her heart into steel

And live with the ones she gets in her dreams

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

Stormy World


There’s a storm blowing out, there’s a storm blowing in

Homes crashing down, Hearts breaking within

There wasn’t any warning, there weren’t any signs

Just a whole lot of destruction, on the outside and inside

Homes hit by nature’s weapon, hearts hit by human kind

There’s nothing that could prevent them from a rage of such a kind

Broken windows, broken doors, crushed walls now on the floor

Hearts cut and hurt and bleeding like a murder almost gore

Devastation everywhere, depression in their heads

It’s hard to figure out how to deal with massive pain

We take things for granted and sometimes people too

But we’re almost always reminded to limit grant to a few

One minute we’re decorating, one minute we’re celebrating

But in a flash, in a second, our whole world begins crumbling

No matter where the storm blows, the intensity of it all

Can crumble the world we live in, like the air sucked out of a ball

These storms are not always, the end of the road for some

We’ve got to find a way to fight them every time

The only way around them is to build your home again

The only way to heal your heart is to let go of the pain


Image courtesy:- Pixabay

Brick (The Daily Prompt)

Built in 1852, it is amazing that it’s even standing! Unfortunately we did not get a chance to go inside and look at the beautiful stained glass windows. But the bricks used sure are sturdy for it to survive all the way till now.

St. John’s Church, Dharamsala, North India.

Pensive (The Daily Prompt)

Far off eyes

pensive mind

lost inside

about life

Where did it all go?

Is it too late

to live again?

When one hasn’t lived

in the first place

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay


Flourish (The Daily Prompt)

A year back my mum got into the mood of growing vegetables in whichever pots available. We don’t have a garden so the pots (or buckets) were placed strategically near the window. As a result, we’ve had our own home grown tomatoes, beans, aloe vera, chillis, bitter gourd etc. and it’s been fun! I’ve never seen a tomato plant. Let alone beans and bitter gourd, for goodness’ sake! So here are a few pictures showing the way a minuscule seed flourishes into a fruit.

Below you see a flower that eventually dries up and as the tomato begins to grow, either falls off on its own or you just need to tug it off. If you look closely, you can even see a flower bud next to the yellow flower.

Did you know that a tomato giving flower could be so bright and pretty?
Did you know that a tomato giving flower could be so bright and pretty?

Not all flowers flourish into tomatoes. Some just dry up and that’s about it. But some sprout tiny little green things which first look like grapes and then, of course, grow into giant ones.

My mum and I would get very excited the minute we would spot these giant looking green'grapes'.
My mum and I would get very excited the minute we would spot these giant looking green’grapes’.

I never thought that someday I’d have homegrown tomatoes but I did and that makes me very happy. Life’s all about the little pleasures you get.

There you go. Bright red juicy tomatoes await!
There you go. Bright red juicy tomatoes await!

© NJ

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