NaPoWriMo Time


It’s NaPoWriMo time again. Beginning on the first of April, you post a poem every day using the prompts provided by the site OR you can write something of your own. It’s something I was introduced to by a friend last year and I was all gung ho about it. This year I am just as gung ho as then.

It’s exciting, it brings out (or in my case ‘tries’ to) your inner creativity, it throws you into arenas you’ve never ventured into. For example, I never knew something called as Ekphrastic poems existed! In simple terms it is a description of a work of art in poetry form. You can check out the link for a better idea of it. If you would like to read my very first attempt at it, click here.

But most importantly, it is utter fun! Trying to understand various forms of poetry and attempting to write in those forms is just amazing. Plus, you get to meet a lot of poets across the globe and are introduced to such fantastic poetry. There is really no downside to it. Just thirty days of pure fun!

I’m certainly looking forward to meeting new poets and making friends and reading their wonderful poems. Are you?

Join in the fun and enjoy the ride!

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That’s Life


I have this urge to run and hide

So far away, so far inside

That no one can ever, ever try

To penetrate this simple mind of mine

I wish I could curl up and fall asleep

Into a peaceful slumber that is deep

Deeper than anyone has been before

Longer than anyone who wants it more

But I cannot hide and I cannot sleep

For this life’s been given for me to live

So I’m living it in the way best I can

I hope it’s enough for my lifespan


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Daily Prompt: Two Right Feet

I wasn’t much of a morning person. I could stay up till two in the morning, easily. But I wanted to change that. I wanted to be up and about at an early hour. So I changed my sleep timings. Now by half past ten at night my body gives me the signal and I’m off to bed.

There are quite a few things that I do once I’m up.

First, I give my thanks. A whisper of gratefulness and then I’m out of bed. Of course the winters are a whole new story (who wouldn’t want to snuggle in their warm quilts for a bit more). I don’t keep an alarm unless I really need to. I prefer waking up when my eyes open and not be forced to get out of bed. Else I end up groggy and grumpy throughout the day and well, no one likes that.

This was taken in another city during the winter. Just before we set eyes on the sun...

This was taken in another city during the winter. Beyond those trees is a road which you can’t see due to the fog. Taken just before we set eyes on the sun…

Once out of bed, I walk straight to the window and take a good look at the sky. It’s bright and blue with barely a cloud around and I smile. I love clear blue skies. My windows don’t face the East so unfortunately I don’t get to see the sunrise but I do get to see the sunset. It is just as pretty (you can check them out here). Blue sky and white fluffy clouds with that tinge of orange-ness makes for a bright and chirpy morning. Needless to say I hate the monsoon. The sun just goes off on a four month break and I miss the blue sky. It probably puts me in the SAD group.

The orange-ness pops up...

The orange-ness pops up…

There's my morning sunshine.

There’s my morning sunshine.

Morning ablutions done with, it’s time for a couple of mugs of warm water (especially during the winters). I’m not a coffee person. Occasionally I’ll switch a mug of water for some green tea but that’s about it. Although not having water post brushing makes me feel like I’m dehydrating my body!

Depending on where I am, I also put on some happy, peppy music and sing along. Belting out songs in a not so croaky voice and dancing along with it somehow makes the day much easier to face than usual. But not listening to music doesn’t make me moody either so it’s not a necessity. I absolutely do not touch the phone. Not for at least a couple of hours. The one thing that absolutely ticks me off is waking up to the traffic noise. The incessant honking, the drilling, and the screaming voices all in a hurry to get to places… yeah, that puts me in a sour mood.

I need my blue skies, fluffy clouds, mugs of water, some peace and quiet (at least for an hour)… without these …. BE WARNED!


Daily Prompt: A Moment in Time

1-121 Apple Pie baked for Christmas

The last picture I clicked was of an Apple Pie that my sister and I baked last month. It was our second attempt at it and we were quite nervous. We remembered the first time we baked an apple pie and it turned out into a minor disaster. The only consolation being that the apple filling wasn’t that bad. It was the pie crust that we had a problem with. Turned out that the recipe had missed out two very important steps. So this time we were determined to find a really good recipe and try our hand at it again. And voila! Our second attempt was a success! It tasted yummy and we treated ourselves with some vanilla ice cream along with it too.


Until It’s Time


The battle was lost even before it had begun

But the fight continues till it’s time

Time to hang those boots up in peace

Although the fight is to get some harmony

Peace from the constant haunting reminders

The jabs, the pokes, they are never forgotten

The pointers to the failures are not remotely subtle

They will never be forgiven, that has been established

Nasty names and spiteful words are nothing new in this battle

There are no walls or boulders to sift through the constant battering

The heart is bare and has not a single protection

For it needs to be strong for every situation

But the fight lives on to keep the heart beating

For life was given to keep it going

I do not know how long it will hold

But I know it can’t give up, not until it’s time


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